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Transform Your Corporate Culture

Whole Health Co, LLC believes that everyone can attain a healthy and happy lifestyle that’s rewarding and sustainable. Our True Vitality Wellness Program provides the education, inspiration, and support to make it happen.

Our Programs are Fully Customizable

Benefiting Employers & Employees

Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, True Vitality brings wellness to the workplace and inspires overwhelmed professionals to reclaim their time, energy, and whole health!

Building the Foundation for Success

Experience a Reenergized Workforce

Our employee health and wellness programs build a culture of health, wellness, creativity, and collaboration to improve employee productivity, profits, employee retention, and new hiring initiatives.

Whole Health Co, LLC

Inspiring Corporate Wellness & Vitality

Our corporate wellness company was founded based on a passion for wellness and wealth of experience in corporate benefits management and health coaching. OUR MISSION is to serve small corporations in building a culture of healthy, productive and well-balanced employees. We believe that health and wellness is a priority, and we know that when employees feel supported in their overall health, then employers are reaping the benefits with a more productive staff, higher profits, higher retention rates and an easier recruiting effort.

Our signature wellness program, True Vitality, combines all the essential components of a successful wellness program!

What we BELIEVE and how we can help!

Our Program Provides:

  • Increased Productivity: Healthy Employees = Higher Productivity, Creativity, and Energy
  • Positive Workspace: Improved Relationships and Team Building
  • Increased Bottom Line: Healthy Employees + Less Insurance Claims = High Revenue
  • Aggregate Reporting to Track Employee Participation
  • Healthy Work Environment: Encourages better Work/Life Balance and Community Involvement
  • Ensures Employee Privacy

True Vitality is specifically aimed to increase employee resiliency and create a culture of engaged and productive employees.

Invest in the productivity of your staff – and ultimately your Bottom Line!

Build a culture of empowerment & vitality for your employees!

Offer your employees an experience of increased productivity, collaboration, and sustainable health & wellness!

Show your employees that you care by committing to their long-term health & wellness!

As an engaged employer, how do you build a stronger workforce?

There are many corporate solutions available, and an effective wellness program like True Vitality should be a part of your plan!

Healthy Employees.
Healthy Bottom Line.

Based on national studies of programs similar to True Vitality, EMPLOYERS are able to see!

  • Clinical benchmarks for disease management are met annually
  • Medical cost trends have decreased from 8-10% to 3-4%
  • Employees value the efforts the company is making to improve their health
  • Employees respond positively to health coaching and corporate outreach efforts
  • Corporate incentive programs increase employee engagement

The CDC & Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that employee-illness costs employers $530 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

“Your employee engagement strategy needs more wellness. Wellness and employees go hand in hand.”
- Forbes Research

“Studies indicate that our mental firepower is directly linked to our physical regime - and nowhere are the implications more relevant than to our performance at work.”
- 2014 Harvard Business Review

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