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Whole Health Co, LLC

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    Inspiring Wellness & Vitality

    Whole Health Co, LLC

    Providing customized wellness solutions to support employee wellbeing for businesses and schools.

    Bring your team together with wellness solutions that unite and empower.

    Particularly effective in a hybrid environment where employees are dispersed, our combination of on-demand wellness technology and personalized coaching meets your employees where they are. We have designed an efficient implementation process that is hassle-free for your leadership team.

    • We are a team of health experts and coaches providing customizable wellness services to support employee wellbeing for businesses and schools. Designed to leverage the power of human interaction, our health and resilience services address behavioral and lifestyle change.

    • We work with your leadership team to personalize a program that best suits your employee group. Using a combination of health assessment tools, wellness technology platform options, and personalized coaching, we help employees become more engaged and motivated in their own health.

    • With our personalized services, you can expect to benefit by attracting and maintaining top talent, lowering insurance premiums, and enjoying a more productive staff.

    Professional & wellness development has become one the most important benefits highly talented employees expect. Optimal physical and mental health are essential to thrive in all areas of our life such as relationships, earning potential and longevity. With Whole Health's wellness solutions, you can provide your people enhanced health and opportunities that support their ambitions and your organization.

    Where do you see the greatest need for wellness at your company right now? Contact us today to learn about our free Employee Needs Survey and how we can help you to empower your employees.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to engage and inspire employees in their own health, fostering a culture of wellbeing within organizations in a way that is easy and fun!

    We believe that employee health is essential to a company’s success. And we know that when employees feel supported in their health, then employers benefit from:

    • a more productive staff

    • higher retention rates

    • happier employees

    • higher value on investment

    Our Wellness Solutions

    We design and implement an interactive experience focused on optimal employee health, wellbeing, and productivity.

    Our services are designed to educate and motivate individuals in their own health so they achieve and maintain a lasting healthy lifestyle.

    Activities include group and 1:1 wellness coaching, challenges, onsite/virtual workshops, educational activities, and real-time employee feedback.

    Employee Wellness Needs Assessment

    On-site Biometric
    Health Screenings


    Motivation for Staff

    Health & Life

    Wellness Technology



    Program MGMT

    & Reporting

    What Makes Us Different


    We customize our services based on your current health benefits and the areas of greatest need for your population.


    Together, we create the right mix of activities, services and resources to design a wellness experience that resonates across your organization.

    Why Employers Choose Wellness


    of employees in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled. (Aflac, 2019)


    of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth. (IFEBP, 2017)


    of participants in a wellness plan said it helped them lower healthcare costs. (PRNewswire, 2016)


    of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs. (United HealthCare, 2018)

    Much of a company’s strength and success depends on their valued employees.

    By providing a compassionate and healthy environment, you are giving your employees the opportunity to perform at their highest level, and you are helping them continue to make your business thrive.