About True Vitality

Ready to Boost Workplace Productivity with Our Interactive Wellness Programs?

As a small business, are you looking for an effective and sustainable way to engage and motivate your employees in collaborative wellness activities and education?

By incorporating True Vitality, you as the employer are able to step up in an intentional way – showing your employees how much you care about their health and wellbeing, inside and outside of the workplace. We’ll provide the accessible tools, resourceful knowledge, and engaging activities to help your employees better understand and achieve a more productive and balanced life.

Program Goals

  • Increase and boost mind/body/spirit of each employee for small businesses and organizations.

  • Provide an opportunity for employers to cultivate a work environment that is healthy, caring and supportive of their employee’s wellbeing.

  • Offer a community of highly reputable practitioners (trusted wellness vendors) on an easy-to-use platform that will be an instant resource to employees.

  • Help the employer reduce their insurance premiums due to less insurance claims and healthier employees.

  • Help the employer with increased employee retention and recruitment; having a shared mission that aligns with employee life and wellness goals.

Integrating True Vitality Into The Workplace

We make it easy for you! True Vitality is customizable depending on your needs, demographics, and budget. Our two popular options are EMPOWER and THRIVE.

EMPOWER integrates onsite wellness activities, an exclusive Coach Directory, and effective coaching programs.

THRIVE includes EMPOWER, and has an interactive employee wellness portal.