About Us

Are You Searching for a One-Stop Wellness Resource who Can Empower your Staff and Implement Long-Term Healthy Habits?

Whole Health Co, LLC

Located in Philadelphia, PA and proudly serving small to medium-sized corporations throughout the region, Whole Health Co, LLC provides clients with an interactive corporate wellness program called True Vitality. This innovative program makes it easy for today’s busy employers and entrepreneurs to build a workplace culture that promotes superior employee health, wellness, creativity, and collaboration.

With a re-energized workforce, businesses can effectively increase productivity and profits while strengthening employee retention and new employee recruitment. Additionally, our fully customizable corporate health & wellness programs grant your employees access to personalized tools, resources, and group activities that promote their physical and emotional health.

Today’s skilled professionals want an employer that will support their healthy and active lifestyle, and Whole Health Co, LLC is ready to help your organization adopt these emerging requirements.

The Founders

Our company was conceived when two friends with diverse professional backgrounds and a similar passion for health & wellness sat down for lunch and discussed how they could solve the challenge of improving the health of everyday Americans working in small companies. We (Meg & Patty) realized that with our 25+ years of expertise in health care benefits and health/life coaching, there was a huge need for effective corporate wellness programs that are accessible, effective and affordable. We dared to dream BIG – knowing that with our combined expertise and a “dream team” of wellness and business partners, we could develop our very own corporate wellness program!! Hence, Whole Health Co LLC and the True Vitality Wellness Program were born.

Like you, we understand the importance and value of “wellness in the workplace” by bringing the education, resources and activities directly to hardworking employees. We are so proud of our finished product, True Vitality, and thrilled that small corporations can effectively support the health and wellness of their employees, increase recruitment and retention, and build a healthier culture within their workplace.


Meg & Patty

    Patricia Burke, CHC, CLC

  • Patty is co-founder of Whole Health Co., LLC, and manages many aspects of corporate marketing, communications and wellness program operations. Patty is the founder of Whole Body Focus and is an active Health & Empowerment Coach for depleted professionals & parents who want to reclaim their body confidence, energy and whole health.

  • As a passionate coach who conquered her own health journey, she has vast experience and gets results for her clients in the areas of nutrition & fitness motivation, weight loss, stress management, and lifestyle disease management.

  • The mission of Whole Health Co. deeply resonates for Patty since her own health journey started over 20 years ago. She understands the need and importance for bringing “Wellness to the Workplace” by providing healthy activities and education to individuals so that they can sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long-term!

  • For more information about Patty’s health coaching services, click here.

    Meg McGinn,
    Benefits Consultant​

  • Meg is the co-founder of Whole Health Co LLC, and the CEO of Osprey Health, LLC. Her career of 17 years encompasses both startup and corporate environments and includes many positions in health care.

  • Central to her career success in the health care field is her talent for building and sustaining relationships. While she has been very fortunate to land roles that demand excellence and performance, especially in optimizing profitability by cultivating key relationships, her greatest inspiration comes from serving as a trusted advisor to senior leadership and sales teams.

  • For more information about Meg’s health benefits services, click here.