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Whole Health Co, LLC

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    About Us

    Are You Searching for a One-Stop Wellness Resource who Can Empower your Staff and Implement Long-Term Healthy Habits?

    Whole Health Co, LLC

    We are a team of health experts and coaches providing customizable wellness services to support employee wellbeing. Our services are designed to EDUCATE, MOTIVATE, and create HABIT CHANGE to improve employee health and optimize performance.

    We offer a personalized approach to wellness, supporting the WHOLE person in mental and physical health, relationships, leadership, and resiliency.

    We work with your leadership team to assess the health and environment of your business, and create the most cost-effective wellness solutions targeted to your group’s greatest needs.

    Our Collective

    Wellness Experts

    • Certified coaches

    • Mental health and medical practitioners

    • Fitness trainers and nutritionists

    • Professional Development Trainers

    Coach Expertise, Certified and Licensed

    • Health

    • Life

    • Career

    • Leadership

    • Financial Wellness

    • Mental Health

    Patricia Burke, CHC, CLC, Owner Whole Health Co.

    Patty is a Certified Health & Life Coach, founder and owner of Whole Health Co, a corporate wellness company which helps businesses optimize employee health and productivity through customizable wellness programs. In addition, Patty holds certifications in Transformational Coaching and Resiliency Coaching. She leads group and one-on-one coaching sessions to help people achieve long-term healthy lifestyle habits in areas of weight, stress and disease management. In her role as a health coach, she is a regular contributor to Falmouth in Focus produced by Falmouth Community TV. Her career began as an environmental engineer, 1986-1995, and she later founded an anti-aging skin care company, 2005-2008. Patty resides in Woods Hole, MA and is married with 3 children. She enjoys racquet sports, biking, hiking and travel.

    Melanie Hoffman, CHC, Account Manager Whole Health Co.

    Melanie Hoffman is an independent employee well-being consultant and coach. For Whole Health, Melanie assists in program development, account management and client relations. She has her BS in Health Science, with a concentration in Health Promotion and Education from Clemson University. For five years she worked as part of the benefits team at American Express, managing their national employee wellness program. She also has nine years’ experience in wellness vendor partner account management, supporting the development and implementation of several Fortune 100 company’s employee wellness programs.

    She is a Certified Health Education Specialist and Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach. Melanie lives in Austin, TX, is married with two children, and keeps in mental and physical health by running most days of the week.

    Megan Fine, CHC, Account Manager Whole Health Co.

    Megan Fine is an independent coach and project management consultant. For Whole Health, Megan assists in program development, account management and client relations. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Colgate University and spent the first several years of her career in the nonprofit world, teaching for AmeriCorps, fundraising and managing volunteers for Women’s Lunch Place in Boston, and serving as a project manager for The MAVEN Project, a healthcare tech organization working to increase access to care for underserved patients. She started coaching in 2019 and is dual-certified as a health and life coach through Health Coach Institute.

    Megan’s home base is Allentown, PA. In her free time, Megan loves to read (novels and self-help are her favorites) and cook (she’s always tweaking recipes to make them healthier and more delicious!).

    What Makes Us Different


    We customize our services based on your current health benefits and the areas of greatest need for your population.


    Together, we create the right mix of activities, services and resources to design a wellness experience that resonates across your organization.

    Why Employers Choose Wellness


    of employees in wellness programs have reported higher job satisfaction than those not enrolled. (Aflac, 2019)


    of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth. (IFEBP, 2017)


    of participants in a wellness plan said it helped them lower healthcare costs. (PRNewswire, 2016)


    of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs. (United HealthCare, 2018)

    Much of a company’s strength and success depends on their valued employees.

    By providing a compassionate and healthy environment, you are giving your employees the opportunity to perform at their highest level, and you are helping them continue to make your business thrive.