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    Safe Distance Device

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    Book your call with us NOW for your FREE demonstration of Safe Distance Device wearable alert system technology and find out how you can get started with the Workplace Re-Entry Program.


    School Administrators ● Business Owners ● HR Leaders
    NOW you can conduct in-person activities in a safe and confident way!

    Get your Team back to work in 2021 quickly and safely. Provide a safe environment for students and teachers to come back to school next semester.

    Create safe Daycare options for your clients who need to get back to the office.

    Imagine if you could keep everyone in your business or educational community feeling safe, secure.

    Thanks to our NEW Workplace Re-Entry Program including a Safe Distance Device wearable alert system, you can safely return to school or the workplace in a way that provides peace of mind.

    A perfect way to ensure the health and safety of employees, staff and students while providing peace of mind to parents and families.

    • 100% reliable and designed using RuBee magnetic technology

    • Peer to Peer, not reliant of WiFi, Bluetooth or additional IT infrastructure

    • Customizable device to set distance between devices (i.e. 6ft, 3ft etc.)

    • Also serves as a Contact Tracer, optional

    • Lanyard style or clip-on (belt or jacket)

    What Our Clients Say

    Other social distancing solutions were unreliable – people, desks, cubicles and equipment would prevent them from working properly. ProxAssure isn’t impacted by any of those things – it always works regardless of where it is being used or who is using it.

    Jason August, VP Operation

    We tested a number of devices and these were the only ones that worked… everytime… all the time, we were blown away by the accuracy.

    Nathalie Brunet, General manager

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    Get everyone feeling safe, secure, and happy. Book your FREE call NOW and see the results of the Workplace Re-Entry Program including Safe Distance Device for yourself.