Workplace Re-Entry Program

The vitality of your workplace depends on being prepared
and having a plan to get your employees back to work safely.

Creating Peace of Mind & Supporting Employee Well-Being

Workplace Re-Entry Wellness Program

Currently, in this age of Covid-19 we have refocused our program to meet the needs of both business owners and employees where they are in this particular moment – helping them to ease their fears and anxiety around their health and work environment.

We are proud to introduce our True Vitality Workplace Re-Entry Wellness Program which includes Covid-19 screenings and educational activities. This is a robust program that helps employers get their employees back to work in a safe environment, and helps to engage their employees in their own long-term health & wellbeing.

We deliver our program both onsite or virtually, through a team of expert wellness providers and coaches, as well as through an Employee Wellness Hub (online personal portal).

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